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Saif Bin Darwish
I was wondering if TBC has Clash detection abilities built in or can I access Trimble Connect for cloud solution for Clash detection from within TBC?
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Gustav Fick
  Hi guys,   I'm looking for "power users" on the SX10 and TBC as a Roads Survey solution. I would like to have a one on one session to discuss some of our findings and also discuss best practices when using the SX10 for Roads.   If you are a power user, please could you reply?   A client of mine is looking at using the SX10 for Roads surveys… (Show more)
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John Alexander
Has anyone had an issue with GPS Pathfinder office where it would not update the coordinate system database and files when you updated the office software to a newer version?   Is there any fix or patch?
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Marianne Okal
In trying to download precise orbits using the "Internet Download" tool in TBC, I get a message about an error occurring "while trying to log in to", stating I should check my username and password (see attached screenshot).   As of October 1st, 2020, CDDIS requires a username and password to download data from their site for any… (Show more)
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Angus Keane
As the title says im getting significant differences at times with my BS/FS when measuring to an effectively perpendicular surface, and i cant figure out the cause. The key points here:   done a comp calib, hz, vert, and trunnion adjustments with very good residuals when measuring to a perpendicular point even in survey basic, there is a slope… (Show more)
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Chris Webster
In Trimble Access how do you inverse between the endpoints of 2 separate lines? (From a linked dxf file)
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Kevin Wendell
When I complete a survey we often DXF Export to an AutoCAD file and the point attributes come in with metric values but the properties show US properties.  How can I resolve?? 
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Ns Hb
What setting I have to set in camera setting for phantom 4rtk in uasmaster camera dialoge? Is it differ if the pictures are distortion or undistorted..  Is the phantom 4 pro camera define in the database is good for the phantom 4 rtk? 
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Emma Emily
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Hey Everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has noticed a discrepancy in the vertical phase offset in the Zephyr 2 Geo antenna (TRM55971.00 NONE)? The label on the bottom has it at 8.564cm, the Trimble website has it at the same Trimble Antenna.ini Antenna Viewer, however the antenna atx file from IGS has it at approx. 6.6cm… (Show more)
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