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Property shown in the Revit properties panel:   Data table in Trimble Connect, with name of property, but no value:  
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Philippe Mayanobe
mon SketchUp ne fonctionne pas bien,, maintenant , le wharehousene n'affiche pas les propositions de meubles ou autre, rien de rien,,, comment solutionner cela ?
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Arkadiusz Mazur
Hello TC developers      Is it possible to add some more snapping option to TC? I would be nice if it would be possible to snap to center or to the middle of the profile. 
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kevin richardson
i'm a first time user of this software trying to get information from a client's drawing, i'm normally an autocadlt user so i'm lost with the way the program works, do you have to highlight the item you want to measure and then use the measure command, then quit the command to select another item, etc, etc
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Janis Dzenis
Description: We use Trimble connect ToDo for design review meetings. In the end, we need to print and sign a document about the decisions we have made. I have two options for how to prepare this document: 1. Export ToDo to excel, but there is not included pictures and comments so I cant use this option 2. Export ToDo to bcfzip and then convert… (Show more)
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trimble connect 에서 todolist 작성시 실수로 remove를 한경우 다시 remove한 todolist를 recovery 할 수 있지 bak file 이 있으면 경로를 알려주세요 todolist restoration
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Marco Perazzo
Hello all, is there any future development to give the option to open Navisworks files .nwd .nwc in Trimble Connect? It would be really beneficial for the coordination in projects. Thanks, 
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James Yobby
Is it not possible to upload a 3d view from Revit to Trimble Connect that only shows the linked architectural model from my working model?  I am having issues with that.  I have a 3d view with only the arch link, but when I upload that view, it says file failed to load.  Even if I open the linked arch model, it does not allow me to upload. Is… (Show more)
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I need your help. Last year I subscribed to scketch up Trimble for $ 129 and this year there was an automatic renewal, but I do not want to continue the subscription and even with a plan that I was charged is much more expensive than I paid last year. Today my credit card was charged U $ 299. I want to cancel this and ask for a refund, because I… (Show more)
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Corneil Byl
After I change the colour of a piece in Trimble Connect, close out and open the model again, the colour change is lost. Any way to save the colour changes in Trimble Connect?   EDIT: I've just discovered that by creating a "View", the colour changes (including markups, etc.) will be "saved" to that view. It will just be important for me to… (Show more)
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