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srinivas Rao
How to get the 3D Surface Area in Trimble Business Center , Projected Surface created from Trimble SX10 Point Cloud  
Jason Weiss
I have a Beginning point and Ending point that are both elevated about 40 feet apart horiz. I would like a new point on-line between these existing points, and on the same grade. Cogo allows for Bearing and Distance, but this does not take into account a 3d line. I also tried to draw a line between the points and figure out a way to shorten the… (Show more)
Matt McLean
Hello fellow TBC’ers! Happy friday!   Short and sweet one this week for you folks, I learned this myself recently and hopefully it soon becomes common knowledge! When navigating the plan or 3D views in TBC, often it is useful to use the Zoom Extents command on the View ribbon, but moving the mouse to the top left corner of TBC takes just as long… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Happy to partner with Delair and announce the TBC August Power Hour on August 29th...   Processing Delair UX11 Aerial Data in TBC   Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have rapidly worked their way into the geospatial industry as useful and economical technology for data collection. With the increase of solutions on the market today, selecting the… (Show more)
Saif Bin Darwish
If I have several points with feature codes, say AV01, AV02, AV03, AV10....How can I select all points with Feature code beginning with AV, like AV??, AV* etc. Also the possibility for *AV* etc.
Paul Biehl
I'm trying to break a large point cloud into smaller groups so that multiple people can work on a job simultaneously.  However, when I export a portion of my point cloud as las (us survey feet) the resulting file always comes back in to TBC shifted-- I suspect it is shifted to international feet.  I get the same results using other formats also. … (Show more)
Joe Blecha
Here you'll find links to recordings and tentative schedules for the TBC Power Hour sessions:   2015 August - Volumetric Computation Workflows September - Survey Feature Coding and Attribution October - How to integrate total station, level, and GNSS data November - How to seamlessly integrate Survey data with GIS data December - Trimble V10… (Show more)
Joe Blecha
As a professional surveyor, one always working with the same mental and manual precision as your world-class Trimble hardware, you never make any mistakes when feature coding topo in the field right?  Perfection for each shot, for every job, every day of your five (or six or seven!) day work week, right? Well, if you are like the author and… (Show more)
junning wang
HI:   When I copy the spreadsheet data to Excel,the header row cannot be copy Has anyone ever had this problem? The tutorial says it will be copied always..
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