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Eric Ostrowski
We are investigating the practical use case for point feature extraction within TBC 5.0 and we have a demo license but when I classify the regions of several different point cloud data sets the automatic feature extractions for both poles and signs becomes grayed out. Is this a demo limitation or a functionality not fully implemented within TBC… (Show more)
Carl Morris
Hi all,   I'm new to business centre and I am processing a survey with kerb lines automatically drafted. The issue is when I go to export this to a dwg. or dxf. the lines and points are not coming across. The lines also seem to disappear from the TBC drawing also? I do highlight everything. If anyone could give some advice on what I am doing… (Show more)
Frankie Reyes
I am trying to do a georeferenced image but when I do capture the image it doesn't create the georeference data accompanied by .wld file and/or the .jgw file for export it and use it in my TSC3 as a background in survey work.
Matt McLean
Click to view contentHere we go, 2019! Is it just me or do the work days seem to continually have less time in them?   For this week’s TBC Tip of the Week, we highlight some shortcuts in the View Filter Manager which can reduce the amount of scrolling required to find that pesky layer, and quickly isolating the desired layer(s).   First: Shift + Click on the expand… (Show more)
Damian Fisher
The Close Command in an FXL file created in the Feature Definition Manager used on the TSC3 or TSC7 Data Collectors does not end a line when used. The command closes the figure, but it allows the figure to continue. Is this possible to fix?   We use FXL's on our collectors and when closing a figure we also have to include an end line command to… (Show more)
Ross Chaloupka
We have created a custom word doc logsheet export in TBC.  We have included photos etc along with all the many of the values that you can choose in the custom export builder.  What cannot be chosen to be displayed with this export are any values pertaining to the vector used to establish the point. For RTK vector created points would be nice to… (Show more)
Terison Kurimwi
I want to view a background map in the DigitalGlobe Image but, there is only Trimble Mapview to select.  Why is DigitalGlobe Image not available? How can I activate it, or is it available in certain countries and not all over the world? 
Lucas Tomasini
Hello Is it possible to calculate overbreak/underbreak volume in TBC tunnel module? How can I create a cylindrical surface for the surveyed tunnel points?
Petter Hoffmann
Hi guys! I have a customer asking to make an export to a software for stereroscopic mapping called ESPA. To export data to ESPA, the preferred solution is to use a Match-AT project file, if such exists. The other alternative is to use direct transfer of orientation parameters (Xo, Yo, Zo, Omega, Phi, Kappa) together with the digital camera… (Show more)
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