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TBC’s PC hardware requirements for working with point clouds suggests 2GB RAM minimum and 32GB RAM or more recommended for working with aerial photogrammetry or point cloud data.  To optimize your rendering capabilities when working with point clouds, change TBC’s Rendering memory cache size option to reflect your workstation’s RAM amount.  By default, TBC defaults to 2GB of RAM when rendering, displaying, and navigating throughout point cloud data.  This Tip of the Week shows you how to change this value.

First, launch TBC and open an existing or start a new project.

Then, from the Quick Access Toolbar, click the Options command:


In the Options menu, click the Point Clouds text along the left side, under the General tab:

Find the Rendering memory cache size in GB (limited to half of physical RAM size).  TBC can utilize up to half of your system’s RAM for point cloud operations.  So, if your workstation has 32GB of RAM, as suggested, enter 16 into the text box.  Or, if your workstation has 32GB of RAM and you enter 32, TBC will automatically reduce the number to half your workstation’s RAM:

Click OK and your change is retained in all new TBC instances and projects on your workstation.

With an increased amount of RAM dedicated to your point cloud rendering operations in TBC, you’ll notice faster load times and quicker navigation.


TBC - Field to Finish with Confidence

TBC's come a long way over the past few years. Don't take our word for it (we are a bit biased), so how about Jarrod Black's? Jarrod is Vice President at Rochester and Associates in Georgia. Check out his opinions on TBC here:

January 31st - 8am Mountain time zone session only


Point clouds offer unprecedented flexibility and capability for surveyors looking for robust geospatial data and client deliverables. From the Trimble SX10 and TX-series instruments to third-party hardware, TBC imports and supports all industry-standard point cloud formats. Leverage the point cloud functionality along with TBC’s powerful CAD and deliverable creation commands to complete your next project. Join us to learn how to use TBC’s point cloud tools to fulfill and leverage the power of the point cloud.


Geospatial Webinars 

Start your new year off in style with handy TBC knowledge.  This week?  What you need to know about the Transform Survey Points command.


Often times the surveyor is provided data in local or ground systems but works in a global (or GNSS) coordinate system.  What are some ways we can adjusted data from one system to another?  The answers lies in the Transform Survey Points command.  This powerful feature enables users to perform either a 3, 5, or 7 Helmert or Least Squares Adjustment on a selection of survey points.  To do this you will need several pairs of points with known or measured coordinates in the current and desired coordinate system.


The seven parameters available are for translations in the northing, easting, elevation coordinates, rotation in the X, Y, Z axes, and scale for horizontal and vertical data.


Transform Survey Points command in TBC


Happy 2018!

The TBC team is trying something new tomorrow for the December Power Hour... A Live Video session. We'll be turning the cameras around so you'll get to meet some of the beautiful (and maybe some not so beautiful...) faces behind your favorite survey office software! Join us for a pre-holiday treat, the TBC December Power Hour: The TBC Team... Live! Have us answer some of your submitted TBC questions, get an idea of where TBC is heading in the future, and learn about all the TBC resources available to you. Oh yeah, and there will be more swag giveaways!
December TBC Power Hour: The TBC Team... Live!
Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
For a TBC holiday special, the December Power Hour will be a live session with the agenda set by you, our customers, distribution partners, and TBC enthusiasts! Send us your TBC questions ahead of the session and we’ll have the TBC Marketing and Engineering team answer live! If your question is answered during the session, we've got a TBC - From Field to Finish t-shirt to send to you too.
We will open this hour up for workflow discussion, command advice, tips-and-tricks, and personal survey anecdotes, so feel free to submit questions ranging from technical to subjective.
In answering, you’ll meet some of the people behind TBC and get to know their work and personalities. And, we’ll show you the resources and learning tools at your disposal to implement TBC for your survey project needs.
This session is for everyone, from the seasoned TBC veteran to the new surveyor looking for a single survey office software package.
Register here:
Submit your questions for the team here:
It's never too early to plan ahead for the next TBC Power Hour. It'll be on Wednesday, December 20th, two sessions, either 8am Mountain Standard Time or 4pm Mountain Standard Time, like usual.
We'll be doing something a little different for this session... you, our beloved users, customers, and friends, will be generating the topics through questions you can submit ahead of time! The TBC Team will be live to answer your questions submitted through this form:
So, if there's been a workflow or command that you just can't figure out, or want to know why the TBC ribbon changes so much, or what our favorite tip-and/or-trick is in TBC, let us know through the form!
And, as if you needed any more incentive to submit a question and attend, we'll send a TBC: From Field to Finish With Confidence t-shirt to everyone whose question gets answered in the video!
See you on December 20th! Look for the registration link here in a few days:
The last Wednesday of the month is no ordinary Wednesday... It's TBC Power Hour day!
Join us tomorrow for November's TBC Power Hour - Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings in TBC. If you enjoyed July's Working with Grid and Ground Coordinates in TBC, this session is for you!
We'll be discussing and demonstrating TBC's Local Site Settings to transform grid coordinates to ground coordinates and Site Calibration routines to localize GNSS to grid coordinates.
Rumor has it that there will be some TBC swag giveaways too.
Not an ordinary Wednesday at all!
Sign-up here:

Join us on November 29th for the November TBC Power Hour on Site Calibrations and Local Site Settings in TBC


Site calibrations, localizations, and ground coordinate computations are not just for survey field software. Let us show you the powerful tools in TBC to create and edit multi- and single point site calibrations, set a single point project location, and how to setup TBC to use ground coordinates in this month’s TBC Power Hour.


Sign up here:

Call your friends, call your neighbors, call your CAD office staff!
The wait is over!
TBC v4.00 new feature videos are complete and posted on our TBC Survey YouTube channel.
Videos include:
- What's New in TBC v4.00
- Integration with Trimble Clarity
- CAD Features + Enhancements
- History Log View
- New Export Point Cloud Options
- DigitalGlobe Background Maps
- Improved GNSS Baseline Processing
- Single Proportioning

How often do you receive data in a zip file?  Zipping a file folder is very useful for reducing the overall file size making for easier sharing and emailing.  This week’s TBC tip demonstrates importing a zip file containing multiple file types into TBC.



This zip file contains multiple static GNSS files (.t02) and one control point file (.csv).  Drag and drop the zip file into TBC or use the import command to bring the data into TBC.



Any files requiring specialized settings for import have dialog boxes displayed.  In this case, the control file is imported using the Custom Import Format and the static GNSS with Receiver Raw Data Check-In.



All files within the zip file are imported into TBC removing the need to create an unzipped folder and individually importing the files.



Utilize this great tip for time and computer space savings and stay tuned for next week’s TBC tip.

Until next time, have fun using TBC and happy surveying!  Don't forget to #TBC your latest survey projects.



TBC Team


Join Keystone Precision Instruments on 10/31 at 9am EST for an hour long TBC Field-to-Finish webinar. When you register you have an opportunity to submit questions or areas you'd like our experts to discuss.


MONTHLY WEBINAR SERIES: Trimble Business Center – Field to Finish – Keystone Precision Instruments Blog 

Joe Blecha

TBC v4.00 Released Today!

Posted by Joe Blecha Sep 25, 2017


Notice anything new about our photo of supported editions and modules? No more TBC Complete edition in v4.00, released today! It's been renamed to Intermediate edition. Also pictured, but not explicit, is that the Advanced Drafting module functionality has been added to TBC Advanced edition!


Not to mention a new GNSS baseline processing engine, integration with Trimble Clarity, History Log View, CAD Enhancements like Divide Line and Single Proportioning, and too many more to mention!


Download or update to TBC 4.00 today and give it a try!


September's TBC Power Hour Announced!
Join us for an introduction to Trimble Clarity - Trimble's web-based geospatial data viewer and collaboration tool - to be released with TBC 4.00 at Intergeo!
We'll spend the hour discussing Trimble Clarity, the benefits and features of the online web viewer, how to share Trimble Clarity presentations, and its integration with TBC.
Note that there will be only one session - 8am US Mountain time.

Have you signed up for tomorrow's Power Hour? We'll be talking about Network and Traverse Adjustments in TBC, when and how to use each approach, and working through data sets to showcase each routine.


Check out more details here:


Geospatial Webinars