Quan Mueller

Revenant Going Indie (again!)

Blog Post created by Quan Mueller on Jul 31, 2020

Hello (again!) from Revenant Solutions!


It has been a long time since our first hello, and sadly, we've been fairly quiet on the forums.  Like the rest of the world, we have been trying to navigate the uncertainty and changing business priorities brought on by a particular "viral" event.  But on top of that, we've also been busy exploring our options in a dynamic, ever-changing landscape and figuring out where we fit in the world... of TML startups.


Thankfully, we've landed somewhere solid.  And that being said, we are back to being 100% independent again.



What does that mean for you?


It means we are free to build TMLs, share TMLs, and grow the TML dev community in a way that only an independent development service can.


And it means we have updated our TML Developer post ;-)


Also, our new favorite motto is "Build first, share later (after release!)" - and we're building right now, so for now...



See you in the forums,


Quan Mueller


Founder & CEO, Sr. Software Engineer
Revenant Solutions
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