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Problems with Trimble Catalyst on Xiaomi devices

Question asked by Peter Kucera on Dec 1, 2020

Hi all.


Long story short - we have tested Trimble Catalyst on multiple devices (Android 10, Samsung Galaxy s9+, Samsung XCover Pro) and it works well (no interruptions or connection drops) and reliably (we have tested it in 30 minute + long sessions).


However, when we start testing on Xiaomi devices (Xiaomi Mi8) , we have problems with 


1.) Conecting Catalyst to Trimble Mobile Manager (We have not even managed to connect sensor and get a fix)

2.) Connecting Catalyst to our third party app


Can you please consider evaluating Trimble Catalyst performance on Xiaomi phones and report to us the result ?

It would really help us if you could either:

A) Confirm  faulty behaviour on Xiaomi is expected and disclose in device requirements page (link : Android Device Requirements | Trimble Geospatial ) that Xiaomi devices might be problematic. 


B) Confirm that you have tested Trimble Catalyst on Xiaomi devices and managed to get successful connection by Trimble Manager and third party apps - so we will know that problem is not on Trimble / Xiaomi side, but on our side ?

Thank you very much.

Kind Regards

Peter Kucera

Attachment - Screenshot from the Trimble TMM app

Screenshot from Trimble Mobile Manager on Xiaomi Mi8