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Alan Sharp
Installation and Operational Problems with TBC The following list are things that you can always try to resolve problems with TBC Installation or Operation. Below that you will find some typical support cases that have been raised and any remedies that are known to have worked in similar cases.    Please note that on the Forum I am

Gary Lantaff
This TML will copy a layer group and all the layers (that have members) into a new layer group where the group and each layer is named the existing name with a prefix (or suffix). Just select the layer group and enter a layer/group prefix.   I have updated the macro to allow the "prefix" text to be place after the layer or layer group name.
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Stefano Presezzi
Good day,   I have to generate a point cloud from different pictures taken by a dji. I have to create an ortophoto mosaic data, generate the 3d surface and finally calculate the volume (I have to do all these operations with TBC software).   I have already done all of these things with the photogrammetry tutorial online and the result
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Paul Jennings
I am wondering if it would be possible to draw a box around elements in a model to select as can be done in TCD. Currently the only way I can see to select many objects is using multi select. This is ok when only a handful of elements but I would love to be able to select multiple rebar easily and right now TCM doesn't offer this function. Is