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Jacob Fry
3 of our Total stations vibrate badly on concrete. There's an audible hum and you can feel the vibration in the tripod. Its so bad the crosshairs blur. Tried a brand new tripod, same results. Anyone else experience this? Solution?

Karthik Rajagopal
Terms of Service Update We have updated our terms of service here. We encourage you to read this. Your continued usage of the service will be considered acceptance of our updated terms. Thank you for using Trimble Connect. New Features Trimble Connect license entitlements are now being enforced for new user signups. Existing users,
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Fern Udomrasami
TRIMBLE CONNECT TERMS OF SERVICE   [Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018]   These Trimble Connect Terms of Service (“Agreement”) are entered into as of the Effective Date between Trimble Inc., a Delaware corporation, and its affiliates (“Trimble”) and you (“Customer” or “you”), an entity