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Jason Weiss
I have a Beginning point and Ending point that are both elevated about 40 feet apart horiz. I would like a new point on-line between these existing points, and on the same grade. Cogo allows for Bearing and Distance, but this does not take into account a 3d line. I also tried to draw a line between the points and figure out a way to shorten the

Community Manager
Welcome to the new Trimble Community!  You may have heard about us through the grapevine, or perhaps you saw a post on social media, or maybe someone referred you.  No matter how you got here, we are happy you’re here! I bet you have some questions, and we have some answers below to help you navigate this new experience and get the
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Bruce Thomas
Is there a tutorial (similar to the one posted for MS Project) that would guide a user through the import/export function between TILOS and Oracle's Primavera Tool? This might be useful for our entire user group. At one point there was something posted on LinkedIn or maybe YouTube however something a little more formal and originated by Trimble
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Stephen Benko
Don't miss out on opportunities for training on VisionLink 3D Productivity Manager!  Click the links below to register for the training, or forward this information as appropriate.  All training sessions are user-focused and all are welcome.  VisionLink 3D Productivity Manager for Compaction ProjectsScheduled for August 15 &